Developing Others Through Evaluated Experience

Author: Henry Clay


Provided editing, interior design, cover design, and eBook conversion for this book project.

Role: Editing, Interior Layout, Cover, eBook conversion

Client: Henry Clay

Tags: life, nonfiction,, skills

ISBN: 978-1448656240

Published Date: September 20, 2018

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Dresscodes - Front Cover
Dresscodes - Back Cover

About the book

Everyone seems to be talking about leader development these days. It’s an essential skill in leadership, but it can feel burdensome—most leaders are busy enough already without trying to figure this one out! What can help you start to lead with a developmental mindset? The acrostic DRESSCODES gives a simple yet powerful tool for helping people evaluate their experience and learn from it. It’s simple, memorable, and practical. Using DRESSCODES, your people will feel valued, visible and helped. It’s easier than you think to start developing those you lead!